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AP Wire Services is a division of The Associated Press that provides news and information to Web sites, wireless operators, corporate and government desktops, information distributors and other commercial and news media applications.

With multimedia production resources and the ability to deliver information on a variety of technology platforms, AP Digital offers immediate access to breaking international, national and local news and topical features and creates interactive products using AP text, photos, graphics, audio and video and selected information from content partners. AP’s dynamic product portfolio also includes targeted industry-specific news packages and custom content categories that meet the information needs of specific audiences. Services are offered in English, Spanish, French, Dutch and German.

Featured services for Web sites and wireless services:

AP Video Services
News videos produced by Associated Press Television News (APTN) are available through an online feed or hosted platform for Web sites and interactive services. Clips cover U.S. and international news, politics, entertainment, business and human-interest stories, plus daily one-minute world news and financial markets summaries.

AP Financial News
An enhanced business news service offering detailed US company and world market news, quarterly earnings announcements, coverage of executive changes, regulatory actions, mergers and acquisitions and new product developments for major companies in a full range of industries. AP Financial News goes beyond the top stories of the day to offer reliable, readable breaking coverage of top companies and financial markets around
the world.

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